Excellent location

Situated Just 200 meters from the center of Sibiu, where all the events take place

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We are open non-stop, so you do not need to worry about checkin

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Start your day without worries, you have free breakfast

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Thanks to our experienced and friendly staff, your stay will be an extraordinary experience

5 star Reviews

on Booking.com

Happy customers

5 star Reviews

on Booking.com

Happy customers

Welcome to Artisans Boutique Villa

“Artisans Boutique Villa” Guesthouse is located in the historical center of Sibiu, in the Aurari Square, where the goldsmiths (artisans, hence the name of the guesthouse) had their workshops. Located close to the Great Square, Little Square and the famous Liar’s Bridge, “Artisans Boutique Villa” guesthouse is the perfect choice for a relaxing stay, offering comfort, hospitality and having an unforgettable charm.

The Goldsmith’s Market had a number of other names over the years.Between 1496 and 1947, it was named Fingerling Square, „finger” in German means… finger. It is said that thieves who were caught stealing had a finger cut right here in the market. At the top end, on the right side of the Little Square, next to the fresco building at no. 24, there is the Tower of the Goldsmiths Gate, dating from the 13th Century, and the steps of the Gate’s passageway, which connect the Little Square to the Goldsmiths Square. Through this gate, access was made to the old city, and now it linksthe Little Square to the Square that reminds the goldsmiths’ guild. The pasageway reminds of 15th-century architecture and it is a place where you have the feeling of travelling back in time. Your imagination starts to travel and you see yourself wondering around under the red brick arches, then you go down the stairs of the passageway which are bordered on both sides by houses dating back to  the fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. Famed jeweler craftsman Hugo Ludecke lived in one of these houses. The buildings still have neo-Gothic elements which were later included in 18th-century constructions. As the steps of the passageway descend, the Goldsmith market opens. If you want to discover the historical part of Sibiu, Goldsmith Square is a must.

Located in Goldsmiths Square, in a place with a rich history, “Artisans Boutique Villa” guesthouse combines the historical past with the elegant present. The building itself is a historical monument, dating from 17th – 18th Century, and still contains architectural elements from that period.

The main hall is designed with sumptuous arches as a mysterious and surprising path, at the end of which a new world with medieval influences unveils to the curious visitor. The main wall of the front desk area tells a story on its own: layers over layers of paint, wallpaper, plaster, rust and bricks, dampened by water, remind of all the generations that have passed here, each leaving a trace on the wall. This area is designed as a small terrace overlooking the big square of Sibiu, where you can quietly enjoy breakfast, but also a cup of coffee and a warm and tempting croissant.

“Artisans Boutique Villa” is a place where the bohemian flavor of classical times is preserved, with emphasis being placed on the artisans in every field: drawing, painting, sculpture, music or wood, metal or glass workers.

The wall paintings made by contemporary artists from Sibiu capture images from Sibiu Castle and a fragment after August Sporner’s  picture from 1883.

All rooms include free WI-FI, smart TV, minibar, desk, espresso machine, a tea kettle, private bathrooms, free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Each of the apartments and rooms have their own unique style with a design full of refinement and good taste, inspiringly combining the classic and modern custom furniture and decorations handmade in neoclassical style with great skill, craftsmanship and distinct color facilities.

Included breakfast

Guests of the Artisans Boutique Villa can enjoy a continental breakfast.




Little pleasures

Morning coffee


Public Parking

Public parking with video surveillance, for a fee.
Price: 20 lei / day



„Totul a fost minunat si personalul extreml de amabil. Am apreciat foarte mult faptul ca ne-au rezervat loc de parcare. Micul dejun a fost foarte bun si suficient, camerele foarte frumos amenajate.”

Deliaaa Suedia

“Minunat, 10 points!”

„·Este o minune de hotel-totul este de un rar bun gust,personal super amabil si o oaza de liniste,in old city ,intr-un oras minunat.Recomand din tot sufletul locatia.Totul a fost perfect!10 points!!!!!

Nora Romania


The bed was amazing, the best mattress I’ve encountered in a while. The staff was very helpful and friendly despite somewhat limited English. The location was great – quiet place next to the heart of the city.

Sarune Ungaria


Really great apartments, totally renovated using high quality materials. I would say not all 5* hotels can compete. Also ideal position to discover historical city center. Sibiu definitely the nicest city we saw in Romania.

Travelaroundtheglobe Cehia

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